Use Case 2: Multiple camera wireless studio

The best of an IP studio combined with the super-fast and highly reliable wireless 5G connections.

5G will facilitate new types of workflows addressing 3 core requirements:

Flexibility and reduction cost in setting up productions.

Scalability from small to large events.

Shareability of content along the production chain and between creative stages.

2 sub use-cases:

1. Multiple cameras (~5) in a wireless studio. Wired/wireless functionalities will be combined using a fully IP system.

2. Outdoor production scenario with 2 or more 5G-enabled cameras and sound capture devices connected to NPN.


Bandwidth: 200-400 Mbps per camera on I-frame only codecs, 30 Mbps per camera.

Latency: less than 40 ms for 25 fps or less than 20 ms for 50 fps.

Low reliability is expected. 

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