5G key technology enablers for emerging media content production services






The key challenge of 5G-RECORDS is to explore the possibilities that new hardware devices and technologies may bring to the 5G ecosystem.

The project targets the integration and validation of technologies as part of  an overall architecture representing a subset of 5G network functions. It also supports the emergence of new markets and new market actors in Europe, especially in the context of content production use cases. The main objective is to integrate 5G components into three use cases and evaluate their performance in the context of professional content production environments

*Note: Image Matters left the 5G-RECORDS project in February 2022.




Use Cases

5G-RECORDS has considered 3 use cases to embrace some of the most challenging scenarios to be showcased in the framework of professional content production: Live audio production, Multiple camera wireless studio and Live immersive content production. The successful integration of the aforementioned use cases into the 5G ecosystem demands processing audio and/or video data sources with stringent requirements for KPIs such as data rate, latency, synchronicity, availability and reliability




In order to drive the adoption of 5G in professional media environments it is critical that technologies are compatible with existing IP workflows.

The project will develop an interface between 5G connected devices with existing broadcast production infrastructure, by means of an orchestration layer, so that there is no difference to the end user in the functionality or robustness of the devices. More info


The project brings together a wide range of experienced partners whose expertise covers both 5G and content production value chains.

In particular, the consortium brings two 5G infrastructure owners (Ericsson and Nokia), four partners bringing 5G core technologies (Cumucore, RED Technologies, Accelleran and Image Matters), one major telecom operator (Telefonica) and a developer state-of-the art software related to Media over IP networks (Bisect). The content production sector is represented by four major European public broadcasters (EBURAIBBC and TV2) and two leading media technology companies (Sennheiser and Red Bee Media). The consortium also includes two universities (UPV and UPM) and one research centre (Eurecom). The project additionally counts on a strong external Advisory Board, whose role will be to monitor, evaluate and propose improvements to the work in progress and respond to the results achieved. More info 

*Note: Image Matters left the 5G-RECORDS project in February 2022.






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