5G-RECORDS 2nd Plenary Meeting


9th-10th December 2020 

The second Plenary Meeting of the 5G-RECORDS project took place last December 9th and 10th, 2020 (4th month since the project started). Similarly to the kick-off meeting, the current pandemic situation forced partners to meet virtually from their locations. This meeting aimed to present the current status of each work package and tasks in order to provide a better understanding of the job that the partners have performed so far. In this vein, the task leaders covered an up-to-date overview of the three use cases and proposed a way forward to keep working effectively.




In addition, given the time difference between the first and the second meeting, further details have been proposed regarding the technology status. Even though the project is still at early stage, every partner is getting the most of their time, and considerable progress has been made.