5G in content Production

18 December 2019

Gathers Members and the industry to identify requirements in content production that need to be met in the 5G context.

EBU 5G report concludes

2 June 2020

EBU report concludes 5G be made to work for the distribution of audiovisual media content and services to mobile devices.

EU boosts investment in 5G

16 June 2020

EU boosts investment in 5G hardware innovation and trialling 5G-based connected and automated mobility.


1 July 2020

New consortium to develop a 5G and beyond strategic roadmap for future European connectivity systems and components.

New EBU Pyramid

28 July 2020

The EBU has published its 'Technology Pyramid for Media Nodes' in the SMPTE ST 2110 ecosystem of LiveIP technology.

The 5G-Records project kick-off meeting

2-3 September 2020

The 5G_Records project kick-off meeting turned out to be a successful online event.

5G for media and entertainment: from theory to practical use cases.

14 September 2020

Member Opinion – LIVEU

5G for professional media production and contribution

October 2020

5G represents an opportunity and challenges for the content creation industry. 5G offers much in terms of bandwidth, reduced latency, timing and quality of service.