5G-RECORDS 6th Plenary Meeting

14th December 2021

One month after the mid-term review meeting, the sixth meeting of 5G-RECORDS GA was held.


17th November 2021

David Gómez-Barquero represented the project on the EBU FORECAST 2021."

4KHDR Summit

17th November 2021

Pablo Pérez presented the project 5G-RECORDS in 4KHDR Summit"

MID-TERM Review meeting

16th November 2021

NEW Whitepaper

8th November 2021

Now available whitepaper "View on 5G Architecture V4.0"

NEW Deliverable

2nd November 2021

Now available Deliverable D2.2 5G regulatory framework for content production


25th October 2021

It has taken a significant step forward in the development of their 5G modems.

5G technology in Pro Audio Webinar

22nd September 2021

Opportunities and challenges of 5G for the audio PMSE.

5GIA-TSDSI Webinar

22nd September 2021

5G Tests & Pilots

5G-RECORDS 5th Plenary Meeting

13th-14th September 2021

The 5G-RECORDS project partners met for their 5th General Assembly.

NEW Deliverable

31st August 2021

Now available Deliverable D6.3 Mid-term exploitation and dissemination results

NEW Deliverable

30th July 2021

Now available Deliverable D4.1 Integration of 5G components (phase-1)

NEW Deliverable

30th July 2021

Now available Deliverable D3.1 First description of 5G components

Live Immersive Content Production

9th July 2021

UPM and Nokia teams have taken a significant step forward in the integration of the UC3.

5G-RECORDS 4th Plenary Meeting

28th-29th June 2021

The 5G-RECORDS project partners met for their 4th General Assembly.

Poster paper at EUCNC | 6GSummit 2021

9th June 2021

Irene Alepuz Benaches presented the poster paper called "5G-RECORDS, 5G key technology enablers for emerging media content production services".

Workshop on 5G-NPNs

8th June 2021

The first edition of workshop on 5G Private Networks (5G-NPNs) took place on June 8th at the 2021 joint EuCNC and 6G Summit.

V5G Day

7th June 2021

Valencia held a major event in the field of 5G in Spain: the Valencia 5G Day (V5G Day).

Connect to the tech future

2nd June 2021

TV2 & EOT with live webinars.

NEW Deliverable

1st June 2021

Now available Deliverable D2.1 Use cases, requirements and KPIs

Live 5G

4th May 2021

Movistar held its first live 5G TV connection and broadcast of a sports event.


29th April 2021

5G, IP-bonding and the new world of production.

5G-MAG Workshop

21st April 2021

Media Production over 5G NPNs related to the new study item in 3GPP.


14th April 2021

The aim of the AMWA & 5G-RECORDS joint meeting was to identify potential areas of collaboration.


13th April 2021

The aim of the joint VSF & 5G-RECORDS meeting was to share the 5G-RECORDS activities on media codecs and protocols and get an update from VSF on RIST, ST 2110 over WAN network, interactions between on-premises and cloud facilities.

5G-RECORDS 3rd plenary meeting

15th-16th March 2021

The 5G-Records project 3rd meeting turned out to be a successful online event.

5G-PPP SME WG meeting

1st March 2021

Partners of 5G-RECORDS presented an overview of the project and its three use cases at the 5G-PPP SME WG meeting.

Non-Public Networks

1st March 2021

The ongoing discussion within the 5G-RECORDS consortium has recently triggered a work item within the 3GPP SA4 group to study the exacting requirements.

NEW Deliverable

26th February 2021

Now available Deliverable D6.2 Data Management Plan

5G-MAG Group

23rd February 2021

Presentation to 5G-MAG (5G-RECORDS)

5G-PPP Webinar

16th February 2021

New 5G Core Technologies Innovation Projects

IEEE BTS Pulse 2021

11th February 2021

Day 3 was dedicated to 5G content production. The session was organized by the 5g-RECORDS project.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

11th February 2021

5G Whitepaper

27th January 2021

Low Latency 5G for Professional Audio Transmission.

5G-RECORDS 2nd Plenary Meeting

9th-10th December 2020

This meeting aimed to present the current status of each work package and tasks.

ETSI RRS WG1 #52 meeting

24th November 2020

RED Technologies, 5G-RECORDS partner, presented an overview of the project during the ETSI RRS WG1 #52 meeting.

5G for media and entertainment

24th November 2020

From theory to practical use cases. Baruch Altman, LiveU, Interviewed by IABM - leading broadcasting industry org

What 5G means for media and entertainment

24th November 2020

Baruch Altman, LiveU, Interviewed by TM Broadcast International #86- leading broadcasting industry publication

5G-RECORDS in the 5G in content production group

4th - 5th November 2020

Ian Wadgin, chair of the EBU group 5G in content production and 5G-RECORDS member, presented an overview of the 5G-RECORDS project

NEW Deliverable

30th October 2020

Now available Deliverable D6.1 Project exploitation and dissemination plan

26th - 29th October 2020

The 5G-RECORDS project manager, presented an overview of the project during the panel on "Convergence of Broadcast and Broadband" of the 15th IEEE Symposium on BMSB

5G for professional media production and contribution

October 2020

5G represents an opportunity and challenges for the content creation industry. 5G offers much in terms of bandwidth, reduced latency, timing and quality of service.

5G for media and entertainment: from theory to practical use cases.

14 September 2020

Member Opinion – LIVEU

The 5G-Records project kick-off meeting

2-3 September 2020

The 5G_Records project kick-off meeting turned out to be a successful online event.

New EBU Pyramid

28 July 2020

The EBU has published its 'Technology Pyramid for Media Nodes' in the SMPTE ST 2110 ecosystem of LiveIP technology.


1 July 2020

New consortium to develop a 5G and beyond strategic roadmap for future European connectivity systems and components.

EU boosts investment in 5G

16 June 2020

EU boosts investment in 5G hardware innovation and trialling 5G-based connected and automated mobility.

EBU 5G report concludes

2 June 2020

EBU report concludes 5G be made to work for the distribution of audiovisual media content and services to mobile devices.

5G in content Production

18 December 2019

Gathers Members and the industry to identify requirements in content production that need to be met in the 5G context.

















Date Where Summary

Feb, 9-11 2021

IEEE BTS Pulse 5GCP 2021 (online)

This three-day virtual event will host top experts covering technologies that are currently challenging the broadcast industry. In particular, Day 3 proposes an insight on 5G Content Production.   

 April, 21 2021  Media production over 5G Non-Public Networks (online) Media Production over 5G Non-Public Networks related to the new study item in 3GPP 

 June, 8 2021

2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit (online) 5G Non-Public Networks (5G-NPNs) 



 Press Releases


Date Title and Information Authors  File

Oct,  2020

5G-RECORDS: showcasing the real power of 5G for professional content production


Dec, 2020 5G-RECORDS, 5G key technology enableRs for Emerging media COntent pRoDuction Services, Comisión Europea  UPM 
 May, 2021  5G-Records UPV 
 May, 2021  5G key technology enableRs for Emerging media COntent pRoDuction Services, European Commission (5G-RECORDS)  BBC  
July, 2021  Trials and challenges: Unlocking the potential of 5G for sports broadcast production  eNEM
 Sept, 2021 EBU tests content production on private 5G networks in 5G-RECORDS project  EBU   





Date Title and Information Authors  File

Dec, 2020

5G-RECORDS Introduction video



 June, 2021  Use Case 1: Live audio production SENNHEISER 
 July, 2021  Use Case 1: Spectrum sharing management technologies  RED TECHNOLOGIES
 Oct, 2021  Use Case 3: Live inmersive content production NOKIA/UPM/TELEFÓNICA
 Dec, 2021  Use Case 3: Free Viewpoint Video - FVV-Live  UPM
 Dec, 2021  Use Case 1: dRAX  ACCELLERAN   
 Dec, 2021  Use Case 2: 5G-enabled cellular bonding  LIVEU
 Jan, 2022  Use Case 3: Edge Computing Platform  TELEFÓNICA





Date Title and Information  File

Sept, 2021