During the project, internal and public open deliverables will be developed related to specific tasks in the shape of documents, as listed in the WP description tables and summarized in this table:


ID  Deliverable Name WP Month  Link
D1.1  Project management and administration guidelines   WP1  1
D1.2  Mid-term management and administration activities  12
D1.3  Final management report  24
D2.1  Use cases, requirements and KPIs    WP2  9
D2.2  5G regulatory framework for content production  14
D2.3  Business analysis  24
D3.1  First description of 5G components    WP3  11
D3.2   Complete description of 5G components  19
D3.3  Media production orchestration layer  24
D4.1  Integration of 5G components (phase-1)   WP4  11
D4.2   Integration of 5G components (phase-2)  21
D5.1  Test-beds and trials roadmap      WP5     12
D5.2   Trials initial deployment  16
D5.3   Final trials and technology validation  24
D6.1  Project exploitation and dissemination plan   WP6  6
D6.2  Data management plan  6
D6.3   Mid-term exploitation and dissemination results  12
D6.4  Final exploitation and dissemination results  24


Papers and Presentations