11 Countries 19 Partners  

Imagen1 Accelleran, Image Matters

Imagen2 Cumucore

Imagen3 Eurecom, RED Technologies

Imagen2 Ericsson, Sennheiser

Imagen2 LiveU

Imagen2 RAI

Imagen2 Fivecomm, Nokia, Telefonica, UPM, UPV

Imagen2 EBU

Imagen2 BBC

Imagen2 Red Bee Media

Imagen2 TV2

portugal Bisect


 7 high-tech SMEs (37%) - 2 infrastructure providers - 1 MNO - 2 media vendors - 4 broadcasters - 3 research centres and universities. 

*Note: Image Matters left the 5G-RECORDS project in February 2022.



Management Structure


 The management structure is formed by 3 entities:


1. Project management team:

– Project Coordinator          UPV

– Technical Manager           EBU

Innovation Manager      Nokia

Work Package Leaders       

2. General Assembly

3. Advisory Board                                                                                              


Project coordinator    5G-PPP Steering Board representative

Technical manager    5G-PPP Technology Board representative


Advisory Board


8 Countries 9 Companies


Imagen3 Amarisoft

Imagen1 SWR, ZDF Digital

Imagen13 Nevion

Imagen7 RTVE

Imagen8 5G-MAG

Imagen9 NEP

Imagen10 BT Sport

Imagen1 CyanView





 Strong support of companies from both 5G and content production worlds


– Provide feedback to partners on the use cases and 5G ecosystem.

– Attend physical meetings and participate in trials on an invitation basis.

The AB remains open.

– More companies could join if approved in the General Assembly.