5G-RECORDS in the Production Technology Seminar held by EBU


2nd January 2022

As a key event for 5G technology in media content production, this year’s Production Technology Seminar is entitled "From real to sustainable and virtual worlds", organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The event took place from 1st to 3rd of February 2022 in Geneva and attracted the participation of interested companies, organizations and institutions. The goal of this event was to provide an overview of the evolving virtual production landscape and a deep dive into the most relevant game changers. Several 5G-RECORDS members participated in Session 6 “5G in media production demystified”, which was moderated by Morten Brandstrup (TV2).

Ian Wagdin (BBC) opened Session 6 presenting the key aspects to demystify 5G in media production. Next, Irene Alepuz, Cristina Avellán and Nerea Cilleruelo (UPV), part of 5G-RECORDS Project Management Team, presented an overview of the project, including the description of the three targeted use cases.




Then, it was time for the first roundtable of the session to address Stand-alone private 5G network, moderated by Ian Wagdin. In this 60-minute roundtable, Thorsten Lohmar (Ericsson) and Mika Skarp (Cumucore) shared ideas with other members of the community about this topic. Darko Ratkaj (EBU) followed this roundtable with an accurate insight of the regulatory framework for 5G in Europe.






Finally, the second roundtable of the session targeting the discussion with telcos about the deployment of PNI-NPN in the market included the participation of key 5G-RECORDS partners like Rocio Ortiz (Telefonica), Pablo Perez (Nokia) and Antonio Garcia (Accelleran). This 25-minute roundtable was moderated by moderated by Jordi Gimenez (EBU).



All in all, this year’s keynote speakers have set the scene and provided context from multiple angles, including a look beyond the horizon. There is clearly a long way to go, but 5G will dramatically change the way the broadcast industry deals with transmission, distribution and production of content. That’s the main reason for the presentation and exchange of technical advances in the rapidly converging areas of multimedia broadcasting, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and networking technologies. Thanks to all the speakers for contributing in such a great seminar!