5G-RECORDS presentation in the 5G in content production group


4th- 5th November 2020 

Ian Wadgin, chair of the EBU group 5G in content production and 5G-RECORDS member, presented an overview of the 5G-RECORDS project during the last meeting of the EBU group that took place online from the 4th to 5th of November 2020.


BMSB2020 2


The EBU’s project group 5G in Content Production brings together broadcasters and the industry with the aim to:

  • Define the relevant AV production use cases for 5G, across various genres including news, OBs, events, studio and location production.
  • Identify and quantify the associated technical and operational requirements.
  • Identify and communicate technology readiness and delivery timescales and roadmaps for trials.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the working practices and standardisation timetables within the relevant standards development organisations (SDO), in particular 3GPP, and contribute to their work where relevant.
  • Inform EBU members of the potential benefits of the new standards and/or possible issues;
  • Act as a user group in the market, communicate broadcasters’ needs in the production domain to telecom operators, manufacturers, MNOs, industry fora, and the regulators.


BMSB2020 2


The EBU also facilitates an ongoing dialogue with the wider industry on a range of issues related to 5G, including business arrangements amongst the stakeholders along the value chain. For more information visit