13th April 2021 

One of the use-cases considered by 5G-RECORDS is media production for live events using NPN (Non-Public Networks) that can be tuned for performance (e.g. very low latency, highly robust services, business critical data privacy, etc).

In this context, 5G-RECORDS is developing a reference architecture to map media and control flows onto the 5G NPN system considering different transport protocols & codecs. In particular, the 5G media network will interact with both ST2110 (e.g., OB-Van, local studio) and public networks (e.g., virtual production in the cloud). VSF(Video Service Forum) is an international association comprised of service providers, users and manufacturers dedicated to interoperability, quality metrics and education for video networking technologies. The organization's activities include:

- Providing forums to identify issues involving the development, engineering, installation, testing and maintenance of video networking technologies.

- Exchanging non-proprietary information to promote the development of video networking technology and foster resolution of issues common to the video services industry.

- Promoting interoperability by contributing to and supporting development of standards by national and international standards bodies.

 The aim of the joint VSF & 5G-RECORDS meeting was to share the 5G-RECORDS activities on media codecs and protocols and get an update from VSF on RIST, ST 2110 over WAN network, interactions between on-premises and cloud facilities to identify potential common areas for collaboration.