Now available Deliverable D3.1 First description of 5G components


30th July 2021

5G-RECORDS is proud to announce that deliverable Deliverable D3.1 on First description of 5G components now public and available on free download from this link.

The European H2020 5G-RECORDS Project aims at investigating whether and to what extent the technological improvements introduced by 5G network can be exploited for the production of professional multimedia content.

Within the project, three main use case are considered that could benefit most from the improvements related to the 5G network: live audio production, multiple camera wireless studio and live immersive media production.

For each of them, new 5G components are being designed, developed and used by project partners to investigate the potential of using 5G. Moreover, to this purpose, three different 5G network deployments are provided to the project, one for each of the considered use case.

This deliverable describes a first general description of all the components involved and list all major design and development activities carried out in the first phase of the project. More detailed information will be provided in deliverable D3.2.