Now available Deliverable D6.1 Project exploitation and dissemination plan


30th October 2020


5G-Records is proud to announce that deliverable Deliverable D6.1 on Project exploitation and dissemination plan is now public and available on free download from this link.

This final version of D6.1 describes the standardization, exploitation, regulation and dissemination plans for the 5G-RECORDS project. Potential standardization activities have been described in terms of individual contributions to different SDOs from each partner with respect to the components brought to the project. Regulation issues to be addressed include in particular the licensing conditions for non-public networks, including access to spectrum, roaming between different networks, including between public and non-public networks; conditions for access to network slicing; cross-border operations. The deliverable includes also the individual exploitation plans proposed by each partner. Finally, the dissemination and communication plan has been drafted to ensure that the project’s outcomes reach all the players interested in professional audio and video production using 5G end-to-end networks.