Now available Deliverable D2.3 Business Analysis


29th September 2022

5G-RECORDS is proud to announce that deliverable Deliverable D2.3 Business Analysis now public and available on free download from this link.

The ecosystem of using 5G in professional content production has been described. A generic model for the analysis of business relations in 5G-based production use cases has been developed and applied to the three 5G-RECORDS use cases. Possible evolution of the use cases has been outlined. Five different 5G network configurations have been considered (best effort, QoS-enabled, network slicing, PNI-NPN, and SNPN) including their applicability in production use cases. Commercial availability of 5G network functions and services was briefly discussed. The role of 5G components developed or enhanced in the Project has been outlined, including their potential to be commercialised as products or services. Some elements of the regulatory framework have been discussed, in particular those that directly impact the business potential of 5G SNPNs in professional content production, such as access to and the use of radio spectrum, and access to the numbering resource. Recommendations to the regulators regarding spectrum access and use have been formulated. A brief overall assessment of the current state of the market has been provided.