Fivecomm and its 5G modems


25th October 2021

Fivecomm has taken a significant step forward in the development of their 5G modems. The devices were successfully integrated, tested, and validated towards the Ericsson 5G Stand Alone (SA) network at Aachen (Germany), fulfilling the expected performance within the 5G-RECORDS project. This represents a significant milestone within the project and was possible thanks to the collaboration between both Ericsson and Fivecomm teams. 

These devices are indeed a key component in the end-to-end infrastructure. The integration between the modems and the network is essential for the complete validation of the multiple camera wireless studio use case, which will also include media components for content production. This end-to-end validation will take place this week. More partners will now join Ericsson in Aachen to make progress and move forward towards the accomplishment of our project objectives.