Mobile World Congress 2022


28th February- 3rd March 2022

The Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) returned last February 28 with an agenda full of novelties. After its cancellation in 2020 and the celebration of a small-format edition in 2021 due to the coronavirus, the Fira de Barcelona once again hosted the cell phone congress, which was held until Thursday, March 3.

5G-RECORDS project had the representation with some tecnologies demonstrations/videos from EURECOM and ACCELLERAN.

Eurecom and OpenairInterface Software Alliance did an Over-the-Air (OTA) demonstration of OpenAirInterface, an open source 5G stack with lookaside acceleration for the LDPC decoder. The setup leverages the Xilinx T1 Telco accelerator card which provides high performance, low latency, and power efficiency for 5G O-DU deployments.

The setup for this demo included a Xilinx T1 Telco PCI card that resided in a R7525 DELL server with AMD EPYC™ 7282 processors inside. The OAI 5G core network and gNB stack both run on the AMD CPUs. The setup also used a National Instruments USRP N310 SDR card that connected OTA to two commercial UEs from Quectel that stream data between each other.

In this context, this setup resembles the setup used in UC1 for 5GRecords where one of the objectives is to transfer sound data among different UEs through the 5G Network, within stringent latency limits.




Accelleran showed different video demos using their cloud native Open RAN dRAX™ 5G solution consisting on SMO, RIC, xApps SDK, CU and third-party DU and RU integrated end to end.

One of such integrations used in 5G-RECORDS UC1 is the one with OAI-based DU/RU in which dynamic spectrum allocation scenarios for audio production are also used together with another 5G-RECORDS member, RED Technologies. In this particular use case Accelleran cloud native SAS Client communicates with RED Technologies SAS Server to provide spectrum leasing for the 5G-RECORDS audio production use case.

Apart from this 5G-RECORDS specific use case, Accelleran showed other video demos together with partners across the MWC22 targeted at the use of dRAX™ RIC as a platform to easily develop xApps/rApp in order to support intelligence and optimization using AI/ML.

Accelleran also announced its Open RAN 5G private network solution for CBRS. This allows customers to easily deploy 5G infrastructure with spectrum automatically assigned through a CBRS spectrum access system. Private 5G network deployments can be completed much faster and with lower engineering costs, while providing customers with access to the RAN intelligence and automation functionality provided by the dRAX™  RIC platform.