Network Technology Seminar


14th-15th june 2022

On 14-15 June 2022, the 5G-RECORDS Project participated in the European Broadcasting Union’s Network Technology Seminar (NTS).

This seminar was a global reference point for the media industry on topics such as IP-based production infrastructures, a forum for users and providers to discuss requirements, standards and roadmaps, and an annual meeting point for experts to exchange experiences and best practices to deploy these technologies at scale.

Session 5 focused on mixed infrastructure technologies, in which our partner, Norbert Werner from Sennheiser talked about 5G for wireless microphones. In the presentation some technical difficulties of achieving low audio latency over a non-QoS network were explained. Measurement results from a private 5G network [1] were presented to evaluate the current state of research for professional live audio over 5G.




Session 6 included longer Technology Briefings, and Pedro Ferreira (Bisect) and Shyamalie Thilakawardana (BBC R&D) presented the 5G-RECORDS UC2 architecture in terms of Media and MOC Gateways & NMOS for integration, discovery & control in 5G-based production systems. In addition to the introduction of 5G Non Public Networks (NPNs), the talk was focused on the provision of seamless camera-to-studio connectivity, transparency and the capability of containerisation of the Media Gateway for simplified deployment and scalability.




NTS also included demonstrations, and we showed registration and discovery of media devices (cameras) in an integrated remote production scenario. The demo illustrated several capabilities of the Media and MOC Gateways such as media protocol adaptation (MQTT), browser based confidence monitoring (WebRTC), resource management and NMOS, including registration, discovery and control.





[1] J. Dürre, N. Werner et. al., “A Disaggregated 5G Testbed for Professional Live Audio Production”, 17th IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB), Bilbao, 2022.