5G-RECORDS presents a poster paper at the Join 2021 EuCNC & 6GSummit


9th June 2020

On june 9th, Irene Alepuz Benaches, project manager deputy of the 5G-RECORDS Project, represented the 5G-RECORDS Project on the Joint 2021 EuCNC & 6GSummit. She presented the poster paper called "5G-RECORDS, 5G key technology enablers for emerging media content production services". 


Watch the 5G-RECORDS Introduction video:


5G-RECORDS project explores the possibilities that 5G technologies and innovations may bring to the content production industry. The project targets the integration and validation of 5G technologies as part of an overall infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of the emerging market players in Europe, especially in the context of professional content production. 

The paper highlights the 3 use cases that will be developed within project: live audio productionmultiple camera wireless studio and live immersive media content production. These use cases will be deployed in professional environments, enabling performance measurements and evaluation, aiming to explore and demonstrate the feasibility of using 5G in the context of professional content production, opening new horizons for the industry and generating new business models that will help to deliver value.

 For more info, you can download the paper and the presentation.